Our Story

The team at Penis Ruler is all about penis enlargement at low low cost. Our goal is to erect a product that will help your member appear larger than it seems. Whether you truly have a small penis or are looking to beat Dickardo in the ridiculous “penis size” bet, we have the product for you. Try a Penis Ruler today!

Meet the Team

These are not our official photo’s but we promise, we’ll have something here for you soon…

Richard Dickson

Founder & CEO

aka Terry, founded the company because not only is he a dick, he is renowned for his angry inch, which now measures a entire half an inch bigger thanks to the Penis Ruler!

Dicki Dickless


The only penis our writer has is of silicone. That doesn’t stop her though since she can buy smaller dildos at a lower price and magically enlarge them thanks to the Original Penis Ruler.

Rachel Noswallow

Customer Service & Office Manager

Rachel will gladly asses your size request and fill your order quickly. She also helps keep our office running smoothly.

Next Steps…

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